Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Titanic Today?

The Titanic sank on April 15. Awesome. What a lesson in humility. And to think it was all because of the inferior slag iron used in the rivets. I never get tired of watching Titanic Revisited shows. New info comes out all the time. Just got back from town where I went to buy the Times and get half gallon milk cartons for soap making molds. It takes six cartons for one batch. What to do with all the milk? I poured a bucket full for the stoop kitties and another for the hay mow kitties, hoping it would keep their bellies full and leave the chicks alone. I thought I had saved enough cartons but no good. I made Expresso soap today and oh, did it come out beautifully. I had a jar of expresso coffee grounds soaking in 180 proof vodka for two years, the last time I made this soap. This time I added some coffee fragrance oil as well, along with all the other wonderful goodies that make my soap special. It set up right away and poured nicely. Next stop is LIME, a very expensive essential oil, wouldn't you know, more $$ than Lemongrass or Orange, but I had to have it. Have to go sling bales, do the doggie routine with Thor, Finn and Knut, and see how I feel about another batch tonight. I think I will finish cutting up the Tea Tree and Cinnamon Leaf instead. They are nice and hard, yet cuttable - the consistency of a brick of cheese right now. Perfect!

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