Thursday, April 16, 2009

Intoxicating Weather

Maybe it was the soap fumes, maybe it was the fact that I'm supposedley, allegedley, on vacation. I don't know...but I laid down on the grass on the hillside, dog leashes in hand, and took a sunbath. Oh, what luxury. All that vitamin D. I got a big batch of Lime essential oil done and another with Clove. I poured some of the molten clove soap into handmade mugs I purchased from Suzanne Farrington at the farmer's market last summer. The German brushes came today and I will tie them onto the mug handle. Won't they be a neat Dad's Day gift. What heaven, breathing in all those lovely fumes...but it gave me a bit of a headache. It's worth it to get all that lovely soap done. I got some dyed wool out on the drying rack, which I had to move to the shelter of the silo from up on the hill when my wool started blowing away in the wind. I checked on Mama Hen up in the hay mow and, to my delight, saw her with 8 little chicks, two more than I thought she had. They were basking in the hay under a sunny window. I brought them ground egg layer mash and freshened their water. She's set up in a sheltered place where she can see who's coming. Smart mama. I put the dog crate where she hatched them all nearby so she can dash in there if she needs to. Better get out there and put out more cat food. I'm trying to keep the cat's tummies full so they will be less inclined to go for chicken nuggets.

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