Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mia's Visit

Mia went back to NJ today, boo-hoo. It was such a joy to have her here, even for just 24 hours. She helped me make clay buttons for bags and wrap soap. She helped me with chores last night and made it so much fun. We were exploring the hay mow in the pitch black dark, with the wind whistling through the cracks and shaking the walls. The doggies went to the pond a couple of times and the kittens hardly touched their blankets. Mia went home with a new spring handbag - the orange and white leaf messenger style, and a bag for one nurse friend of hers. I gave her a special Easter present - the gold earrings I was wearing when I gave birth to her (and AJ!) They were purchased from Tiffany's in NYC by my brother Freddie for my mother, who gave them to me when I had swishy places to wear them. Now Mia is the one going to swishy affairs and I'm home on the farm most of the time. She was thrilled and confessed she wanted them for a long time. She wore them home and was happy that they took attention away from the black eye she received when young Finn, Andrew's dog, clocked her on the face during a visit to the vet's office.

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