Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

We spent Holy Saturday shearing goats with Jim Baldwin from Cortland. Big old Tommy Boy is now fairly naked and enjoying the ability to scratch where it itches. There are not many shearers who will do goats. Goats have lots of bones sticking out in odd places and the horns stick the shearer in the back of the leg. Jim scoffs at this attitude and just gets the job done. He's a big old hippie with a great sense of humor. Loren Wildenstein came to help out. The weather was just perfect with a sunny sky and lovely cool breeze. We worked until 2 or so when Mia rolled in from New Jersey to spend Easter with her mom. What a lovely surprise. After cleaning up a bit (still smelling like goats) we went to Frank's pizzeria for late lunch. Now I'm bushed. Mia went running up the big hill to the pond with the dogs while I gave myself a ten minute nap. We watched "Shooter" yet again (oh, Markie Mark!) while wrapping Patchouli Soap with the new logo, soap labels and fabric from my personal designer, Carol Crayonbox. Can't wait to introduce my new farm logo at Maryland Sheep and Wool. Gotta get some rest.

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Cornerstone Fibres said...

Happy Easter you and the crew too!!! Can't wait to see the new logo :)
So glad Mia came to surprise you -its so nice to be with family.

Kim and crew