Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Snow

I drove to school in a pretty snowfall today. The road was covered with a dusting over the landscape. I had left in plenty of time, a miracle, so I could go slow and enjoy it. I had fun baking and making smoothies with the kids, already putting a dent in the loot we got from Wal-Mart on Friday. Picked up my two spare sewing machines from Doug Hilts in Norwich. He was recommended by the Sew Nice quilt shop and does a good job. Doug grew up in Brookfield and his brother farmed the big spread next to Mary for many years. Small world. I got 33 pounds of bright blue roving mailed out to the mill, with two big boxes of the orange/yellow run to go out tomorrow. Brought home groceries and was pretty done in after toting it all inside. Got my hand creme ingredients ordered, along with jars from a new company Gretchen uses. I'm beginning to think I have everything under control, but I have to keep up the pace. I got sick right before Rhinebeck with a horrible cold and was miserable the whole weekend. Don't want that to happen again. Many little challenges on a daily basis but they pale in comparison to what I hear on the news every day including earthquakes, devastating illnesses, shootings and massacres due to unemployment and desperation - it goes on and on. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to make some extra income doing what I enjoy. Tonight I wandered around the giant hay mows upstairs in the near darkness. It helps clear my head. The enormity of the building still amazes me. Even when I get the big room built upstairs in the newer section, I'll have the old hay mow to walk out in, to sit on the bales and play with the kitties. What heaven.

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Gretchen said...

tell me that picture wasn't from yesterday. I'm so DONE with snow!