Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's 12:30 and I'm going to bed. Wrapped the rest of the Patchouli (heavenly) and the box is full. Kelly and Candace are wrapping for me - Bless Their Hearts - and will bring Kelly another box tomorrow. Waaayyy too hot today, got up to 90. When I got home from work the kitties were lying flat out in the driveway and around the barn. Izzy had somehow been locked in the bathroom and was barking out the window. I was a little late getting home as I had to go through Hamilton to drop off my sheep portrait at Evergreen Gallery to be mounted in the frame I brought them. Would have done it myself but I needed glass cut. Had to drop soap off at Hamilton Whole Foods where Candace works anyway. What a sweetie she is. I didn't know how I was going to get this soap wrapped but brought the Clove Bud and Expresso to work with me anyway, praying something would happen. Much drama at school today. Mis-alignment of the planets? Then I thought wait, Candance works in Hamilton, she's going to Maryland Sheep and Wool, maybe she would wrap the soap. I called her and she said she'd love to. She keeps telling me how happy the sheep have made her. Makes me feel so good to add the sheep dimension to someone's life. Will start making creme when I get home tomorrow. That will be several hours but has to get done. Clearing the decks to get set up is the worst part. Will load up Wednesday night. My supervisor gave permission for me to take two personal days - whew! Was a little worried but no problem with her. Beautiful crescent moon tonight, with the full moon silhouted behind it. Brilliant stars and planets glowing in colors. Love this clean fresh upstate air.

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