Sunday, April 05, 2009

Time Off

I've been sewing a lot lately. I have 25 Bundaflicka knitting bags in various stages of completeness hanging all around me. Most of them need buttons. I have the clay and need to sit down and start rolling and squeezing. Some need the cedar wood inserts for the rigid bottom. I have to buy a package of construction shims - perfect for inserts. A good bunch is hard to find. Some are split and full of knots. Some of the bags need snap frames which I order from an outfit in Louisiana. Most are 95% finished, which gives me a good feeling. I have a few bags in the trunk already. I am shooting for 40 for Maryland. People like to have a few to choose from. After sewing all day and watching the 360 Battle of the Pacific on the Military Channel all the way through Guadalcanal I thought I had to get out of the barn and get some fresh air. While walking the doggies down the drive I thought, oh, let's climb the giant hill that is my farm. I haven't been up there all winter. The snow is gone and although the pasture is wet the climbing went easier than I thought. We walked around the pond three times and, shame on me, I had no ball for old Bodie. I got him to walk in by throwing rocks out, but he knows that trick and wouldn't swim out for anything but a tennis ball. Bad mama! We made our way down while taking in the glorious views and lovely spring air. I needed to be reminded why I am working so hard and it was just the thing to keep me going. I peaked in the little show trailer which had been cut off by snow and found some shaving blocks, good boxes for shipping fiber, and a closet FULL of beautiful roving I forgot I had. Wool is certainly a renewable resource. I'm about to start boxing up probably 100 pounds now. It's tricky to get just the right combinations of a base color, then colors for variegating. I'll have mostly bright, dyed roving this spring, and darker natural colors for the fall. I have a lot of black Merino and black BFL to sort through that I'll bring to Md. to give to the mill for fall shows. I have the shelving issue to deal with. Carol is sending me some plans for shelving she might build for her booth at Fingerlakes. Kimmie Cornerstone has a line on cheap shelving I can order in a pinch if I don't get some built. Time is getting short...

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Cornerstone Fibres said...

I can't wait to see all the new stuff!!! When so we go (gein) I can have my bags packed and ready to go anytime :)