Friday, April 10, 2009

Squeaky Clean

I made soap today after a long no-soap hiatus. Always makes me nervous when I set up to make soap when I haven't done it in a while. I still check my directions after all these years to make sure I have the amounts correct. My Rainbow Meadow shipment came just in time so I had everything I needed. It takes a couple of hours to get organized, heat the oils, mix the sodium hydroxide, heat the milk, honey and shea butter, taking temperatures of all the fluids to make sure they are all between 95 and 98 degrees when the lye is added to the oils. I always hold my breath, figuratively, and wait for the oils to start changing into soap. It still gives me a thrill...especially when the newly formed "soap" sets up nicely and I can pour the thick liquid into the paper milk carton molds. If it pours well I know it will harden and cut well. It costs SO much money for the ingredients I don't want to botch it up. I cover the containers full of soap with a wool blanket and hide them under the counter to "cook" for three days. I made a 48 pound batch of Cinnamon Leaf and a 48 pound batch of Tea Tree. I have the Tea Tree fabric for wrapping after it cures. Carol sent me fabric for the Cinnamon Leaf, still waiting for me at the Post Office (don't get me started). I'll be at the PO when it opens in the morning. I'm expecting a box from Libby Llop in Caledonia, too. She's knitting some things from her handspun to put in my Maryland booth. Carol sent me a picture of her new granddaughter, Chloe, born just last month. Here they are together, Chayce and Chloe. OH!, what cute little Easter bunnies they are!

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