Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

How could anyone be upset about anything on such a beautiful day? It's positively gorgeous outside. I'm working inside but I run out with the doggies every once in a while. I don't think it's going to spike to the eighties today. Fine with me. Back to work. It's coming together and I'm beginning to get excited. I can't wait to see what the mill did with my fiber. I don't do "count by numbers" roving. I dye a whole bunch of fiber in "colorways" I think will work, then wait to see what John and Kim have done with it. They stand at the carding machine and feed it in. It's difficult to get it all proportioned correctly but they manage to spread it all out so nicely. Sometimes I gasp when I open the bags. Sometimes I think oh, I should have added more of this or that. I work with what I have. Almost 200 pounds will be delivered to Md. I have about that much to bring to them. I'll be set for the fall shows. I'll dye fiber all summer and let it dry in the hot much easier than drying by wood stove.

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Henya said...

Oh, Maggie! I hope we will get to see the photos! my moratorium is getting me more exited about acquiring more yarn than even I could think possible.