Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Hug a Sheep Time Again

Out of the blue Sean called from San Francisco. Sean is Matt's son from his childhood marriage. Well, hush-my-mouth! Sean is a writer! He has popped up with a snappy, artsy and interesting blog! It's very "California-ish." Sweet boy that he is, Sean said he was inspired by his step-mother's online journal. Wait until I get ahold of him, I will just have to pinch him. Sean is very tech-savvy and has some neat additions to his blog that I couldn't even imagine how to utilize. So...I will continue with farm animals,sewing and spinning while Sean does podcasts and what-not. Sean's blog is It's late and I'm tired after putting last touches on some bags. Might have to call it a night. I ordered the rear-view mirror for the F150. It was smashed while I was crossing the Riegelsville Bridge in New Jersey. The on-coming pick up truck was coming right at me and we didn't have enough room to squeeze through together. I want to get it fixed before I go out of state pulling a trailer. On Saturday I will start cleaning out the trailer, washing down the folding tables, washing my tablecloths and packing. Matt told me he has an idea for shelves that will put up and take down easy and he'll buy the wood this weekend. I will keep my fingers crossed...Meanwhile I need to go out in the barn and hug a sheep. It's been that kind of week.


Cornerstone Fibres said...

Hey do you need another folding table? I have a nice one here that folds in half to carry easily :)
Just let me know (grin) I'm frantically packing and making meals for my kids before I go LOL.

Maggie's Farm said...

You are packing? I'm no where near packing. I'm still trying to get product made! That's not fair! Sure, bring the table. Thanks!

Cornerstone Fibres said...

You forget I have two kids who are busy busy busy (LOL) So when I get clean clothing they get put aside quickly :) I also have WAY less to do than you do there. Cannot wait to see all the goodies though!
Lindsay's only comment about mommy going away was "who will clean my clothes?" LOL

Henya said...

This sheep looks very huggable. See you soon.