Monday, April 13, 2009

Maggie's Monday Musings

Okay, Captain Richie is free. Just the scenario I imagined. What crack shots those Navy snipers must be, to hit their marks on a bobbing boat through a window. Unbelievable. All three captors falling down dead around the right out of the movies. On a lighter note, the Obama girls got their puppy, a purebred Portugeuse Water Dog. Okay, that's fine, but I hoped O. would go ahead with his plan to get a shelter dog - "a mutt, like me" he called it. I loved him for that. I have several mutts, and rescued purebreds. A shelter dog in the White House might have given some much-needed exposure to the millions of homeless doggies, languishing in concrete cells, their paws never feeling the grass. I saw one on the news the other day, a great big lovable eight year old fellow whose family lost their home to foreclosure and was abandoned at the shelter. What must he be thinking, wondering where his people went? I believe what the HSUS says, every purchase of a purebred dog dooms many shelter dogs to die. I can hardly stand to think about it. When I heard that Izzy's former owner had a new litter of Izzie's that she was selling for $400 each, my heart leaped, but I could never do it even if I had the money. Poor Izzy was purchased for high $$, then returned, then given to the handyman, who gave him away, and that person gave him to me in desperation when she broke her back in a truck accident. Izzy is set for life with me, but so many are not...I got up early, 5:30, yes, it's a curse this early rising business, but I got my coffee down and starting working right away. I have three bags going on the sewing machine. It's such a joy to stay home and work in my jammies. Once in a blue moon the "doorbell" rings and I have to make my way out through the barn, wading through sheep, and into the milk room to get to the "front door." It's wild. I'm hoping to get my stoop and steps built this summer but the way Matt is going with his new career, well, I'll remain hopeful. He's so wound up about teaching, travelling, and building this new training center I can't even talk about long range planning for the farm without him having seizures. His little non-profit had gazillions of dollars dropped on them by the Feds and they have a limited amount of time to use it. I told him he had to take deep breaths and exude an aura of confidence and "sure, I can get it done, no problem!" attitude. It doesn't look good for my trip to NJ this week. Matt is leaving for the Bronx to teach weatherization from Wednesday to Friday, just when I wanted to be away. I had hoped to pick up baskets from Martha while I was down there, but I haven't heard from her. Maybe she's too busy to make more than what she needs for her own shows, or maybe she didn't read her email. I'll call her today. I'll be in NJ for the new Woodsedge Wools Fiber Festival in Stockton on June 20. Maybe she can bring me some baskets then. I'm off the the PO, the feed mill, and, maybe up to Barnes and Noble to use the gift certificate Mia gave me. A grateful patient gave it to her. I'm hoping to find the new Spin-Off and, if I'm lucky, a copy of Selvedge, a British fiber magazine that's real hard to find. Back to work. Have to get out into the barn and fill up water tanks, etc. Mia did that for me while she was here. What a darling love she is. She called last night, so excited about her new spring purse. I'll make her a dozen if she wants. Then there's cutting up LOTS of soap...tea tree and cinnamon leaf. I have to clean off my soap drying rack, which is covered with sewing stuff and the detritus of my personal life, mail, bits of yarn, photos, old magazines and baskets of junk. I never have enough room. Someday...

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