Friday, April 03, 2009

Maggie Musings

So tired last night I went to bed at 10:30. Should have stayed up to sew but couldn't. Too much sugar. I do a lot of baking with the kids now - a real blessing in terms of not having to fight with them to work, we bake then we work - but there are too many goodies around. Today is the principal's birthday and we made a big heart shaped cake yesterday. Lots of finger licking with the chocolate icing! I got up this morning at 5:30 when I heard Matt taking the dogs out. He has another day of Lead Safe certification testing. I told him to just remember, "Paint chips - baaaaad (spoken in deep scary voice). Nice smooth painted walls - goooood (spoken in light happy voice!" He said he would try to remember those tips. Thank you Heavenly Mother that it's Friday. These five day work weeks are a killer. Four more days and spring vacation. No vacation for me, but I will try to get down to NJ to pick up some baskets from Martha Dreswick. She won't answer my emails, but with Martha that doesn't mean anything. I know she's working those fingers around those stems when she's not driving that school bus around. Martha makes the most beautiful baskets that are so much a part of my display. I want some to sell. I have some gorgeous new fabric to cut out and lots of bags to sew on. I have to bring more boxes home from the trash pile at BOCES to get my fiber shipped out to the mill. Lots of work going into those boxes. Hours and hours of picking, washing and boiling, not to mention raising the critters to begin with. I think I bought around ten pounds of Jacquard dyes last June and I am almost out. It was heaven having all that dye to work with instead of teeny tiny jars. My colors are much more vibrant this year. I'll start making creme soon. Interesting, I use old creme every night when I go to bed. All the jars that I find lost around the house, jars that I found to be gritty and didn't sell, and it's still good. The lavender scent has turned into a more Vicks Vaporub scent, but it still cures little scratches, bug bites and sores. I know I should put a chemical preservative in my creme but I don't want to. Turns me off. I like stuff I can spell in my creme. Almost seven better get going. I heard from my beautiful Hannah yesterday. She hurt her knee in gym class and was wheel chaired out. Hannah will be taller than me soon. So nice to get some tall genes back in the family. I can't wait for her to come and help me with these chores and make me scrambled eggs every morning. Won't be long...Kimmie Cornerstone, bless her heart, has found me a German angora buck so we can have babies again. Won't that be wonderful. I just can't get my hands on enough angora. What a miracle fiber that is. It streaks so beautifully in my roving and adds a touch of warmth and fuzz to the yarn. Have to remember to bring a cage to Maryland.

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Henya said...

Oh Maggie, what a wonderful, busy life you lead.