Friday, April 24, 2009

84 F.

Frost covered the fields this morning but it's 84 F. on my milk room steps now. Granted, it's a sheltered area where the air can be a little "still" but it's still warm. Work was a mixture of agony and ecstacy. Well, maybe not quite ecstacy, but the agony was punctuated by moments of calm and conversation, and some teaching, too. I got a box of Cinnamon Leaf and a box of Lime over to Kelly in South Otselic via Joe the substitute who lives a mile away from her. She's recovering from surgery and said she would help me out. I'm sure wrapping soap is the last thing she wants to do in this glorious weather, but she is supposed to be staying still and not turning over her garden. I took the F150 to Norwich glass to get the new rear view window mounted. He wasn't there so I went into town to get the stickers for the Shepherd's Friend Hand Creme. They did a terrific job shrinking the stickers for the new, smaller jars. Went back to get the mirror on so I can get the truck inspected tomorrow early AM. Matt drives the truck to work and it's needed to be registered for some time. I'm very sexist when it comes to the car thing. Just as he expects me to be in complete charge of cooking, kitchen and cleaning, I expect the man of the house to take charge of the vehicles. As I was leaving Matt called on the cell to check on the status. I bought an after-market mirror to save money but it's not exactly like the one on the other side. Matt was not amused and I was not amused that he was annoyed since he should have done this a LONG time ago (it's been broken for three years). Not the way I wanted to start a Friday. Stopped at the feed store then headed home to the critters. Everybody was REAL thirsty and it took an hour to drag the house around and refill, refill until they were quenched. Mia called to tell me my Canon Elph will cost $130 to fix. The camera store guy said, did she crush or drop it? Mia said, she lives on a farm what do you expect? Mia wants to get it fixed for Mother's Day and will send me her new camera to take to Maryland. What a SWEETIE! She is going camping in the Catskills with her Main Man Andrew. Glad she is having fun in the great outdoors, where she loves to be. I have a mountain of dishes to wash before I can start on the other mountain of things I have to do. Matt had a fit when he found out that Kim and Carol are coming here to catch a ride to Maryland. He's ashamed of the way I have not been keeping house. Let's see...hold down a stressful job, run a farm with hundreds of animals, design and create lovely things to sell to make money for aforesaid farm to stay afloat....hmmmmm. Doesn't leave much time for housekeeping. I do require 5-6 hours of sleep per night. Maybe I should try cloning.


Gretchen said...

You're amazing with all you do. Husbands sound like trouble!

Cornerstone Fibres said...

Oh like I care what the place looks like -its the people I'm there to see and the fibre -n and off the hooves LOL.


Henya said...

I have almost the same problem, just instead of a job I have 6 kids living in our tiny apartment. I do not know if cloning would work - more laundry and one more person to take care of.