Thursday, April 02, 2009

Early Morning

I love the early morning hours. The barn is quiet, the sheep are munching on their breakfast of lovely green hay, the dogs are back in side and have gone "back to bed." I have to get ready for work. Last night I did something unusual - I actually thought about what I'm going to wear to work today and got it washed. I usually come in from the barn without too much time to put something together. I rummage through piles, holding things up to the dim light in the bedroom, sniffing and looking for spots. I wish I would put as much effort into my clothing as my farm products but I don't. Maybe there is just nothing left for me. I used to "dress up" for teaching when I was in NJ, but that was a big fancy high school and it just felt right. Now I work in an alternative vo-tech school, which is actually more fancy than the NJ school, but somehow more relaxed. It suits me just fine. The administrators dress up but the teachers are pretty basic. Jeans are the norm. Speaking of work, I better get myself away from this screen and in the Jeep. Mia's Jeep is still running great at 204,000 miles. Power windows, wipers and washers all work fine. I can fit three sheep in the back no problem. When I go to the mill I can get 500 pounds of grain and drive away without too much strain on the shocks or engine. I love pick-up trucks, and dream about a new 4-wheel drive Ranger, or Toyota, but that's not going to happen for a long time.

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Henya said...

Three sheep in the back? Is that as noisy as three kids in the back? We have a very small car and it is hard to imagine driving around with three sheep in the back. Do they sing , and baa, and fight? One thing is for sure - I do not think they give you driving advise.