Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Again

Where did the week go? Time is flying by. I realized during 8th period today that my nerves are frayed and I'm ready to blow my top. Fortunately, the bell rang and it was over. Four days next week and we get a nice break. I went out with two teachers to Wal-Mart to get equipment for our kitchens. The beautiful new wing is equipped with sinks in every room and a full kitchen in mine. I share it with the French teacher and we both want to cook more with kids. Today was the principal's birthday and we presented her with a big, heart-shaped chocolate cake made by a student in my room. It was so much fun. I love birthdays, as anyone who reads this journal knows. I believe everybody should have a special birthday. It validates our anniversary of our existence in this life. Well, our principal was so impressed with our cake she made me head of the newly formed Birthday Committee. She wants every student in our wing to have a birthday cake, and I will be responsible for helping the students make the cakes. Good deal. Perfect job for me. So what did we buy at WalMart with the school credit card??? Imagine, three teachers running wildly up and down aisles, tossing things into carts and pushing ahead. We had until four o'clock to get the credit card back and there we were, three carts full in line behind another woman with a huge cartload. Called the school at 4 to say we were still in line. Yes, enough cake mix and rainbow sprinkles for a whole lot of birthday cakes, in addition to basics like mixer, blender, coffee pot (now I can bring mine home!) cookie sheets, flour, sugar, spices, canned fruit for smoothies, dish drainer, and lots of other goodies. Good thing there were three of us to go in the Support Services building to return the school credit card. We were afraid for them to see the bottom line, but some secretaries took a peak and rolled their eyes. We have to take the receipt to the principal's office on Monday, and thought we would dash in, put it on the chair while she's at lunch, then run out quick. We left the loot in Denise's truck for the weekend and will have the kids carry it in on Monday. Darned, I forgot a can opener! The larder will be full. I have one student who likes to open the cabinets and stare at the groceries stored there. I wonder what's in her kitchen at home? Drove back to the farm in the rain to find a very happy Matt, who is now an EPA Certified Lead Abatement Supervisor. He passed the three day course with a 92. Way to go, Matt.


Cornerstone Fibres said...

WAY to go MATT!!!!!Well done :)

Kim and crew

counting down the days till Maryland

Gretchen said...

Snuggle Kitties!

Kathleen said...

i'm with you there on nerves frayed and the top ready to blow...but I work Saturdays too, so I can't let off steam till Saturday evening. By then I'm so beat that I don't really want to blow off steam...just put my feet up and forget about kids and language and parents and last minute substitutions...ahhh...blissful Saturday nights.