Sunday, April 26, 2009


Too much to write about with regard to the chaos that is going on around here, and my pride won't let me go into it with a lot of detail. It's too easy for me to tell all to the computer and forget it's going out into the great beyond that is cyberspace. The truck is inspected (BHS) and the trailer lights working. You don't want to know the craziness that went on getting that done. I accidentally bumped Farmer Chris' split rail fence with the pick-up truck on the way out Friday morning, and didn't put it back up when I got home. Just got busy with critters and didn't get to it. It falls down if you look at it and takes 5 minutes to put back up. Well, Mister Mister came home and found it down. Funny how one incident opens the flood gates for all kinds of anxiety and anger. Enough said about that. Good thing I'm a special ed teacher and can deal with this behavior on a professional level (yeah, right). Enough said. I'm still working on the bags, putting in snap frames, sewing on straps, etc. Kelly is wrapping soap, I'm way behind on that. I put together some more farm photos in their inserts and wrappers last night. It's so soothing to look at my cute photos and remember why I'm doing this farming thing that's so much work. Matt went out and got the wood for booth shelves last night. It's only taken ten years. I've been allowed to give some input. Let's see what he puts together. I did get a couple of last year's kid mohair dyed and dryed in the lovely weather. There is a fortune of kid mohair running around on the goats out in the barn. I don't have anyone here to hold them for me while I clip. They are too small to put on the shearing stand. I'll have to wait until Hannah comes in June, but it will probably be ruined by then. Better get my mind on the next few days and not dwell on negative things.


miaaviva said...

how about i come for mothers day and help do some shearing?!?!?!?

Maggie's Farm said...

Oh, Sweetie, that's a GREAT idea!! When is Mother's Day? I've been so busy I haven't looked! I hope Aaron comes too!