Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Night

Everyone taken care of. I think I will have more lambs by morning, or certainly by the time I get home from work tomorrow. I got one more sweater made tonight after finding one half done in a tote bag. I put it on the sweetest little girl who got separated from her mother after being born while I was at work. She attached to another ewe, who I think has forgotten her now and her real mother is butting her away. I'm going to try knitting some roving with big needles. Should make a very warm, squishy coat. I have named Lilly's baby "Laticia" after my soapmaker friend from Rome. I need to come up with some names as soon as I'm able to think straight. I think I'm half way through lambing. My house is a wreck. I need a wife to take care of me, keep my house and organize my stuff. I want someone to worry about what I eat, and if I have enough clean underwear to get through the week. I want someone to cook my food and wash dishes while I sit on the sofa and read the NY Times. I want to find my clothes folded in a neat little pile on my dresser. I want someone to look out the window and wait for me to come home. Fantasies are free...

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