Monday, February 21, 2011

Contact With Lydia!

Okay it finally happened - but not to me. After I arrived home, greeted the doggies, feasted my eyes and nose on the luscious ham and potato casserole dinner my friends had waiting for me, looked at the lambs and got a report from Kim and Darryl, they hesitantly told me the news. Lydia had made contact. Kim and Darryl were doing chores in the barn together when they both heard a sing-songey female voice say "Helllllooooo." They looked around, then looked at each other, dropped their buckets and went inside the apartment where their children, Jared and Lindsay were watching TV. They told me it's a good thing I came home because they were no longer going in the barn with the sheep in the dark. Now, Kim and Darryl are the most SOBER, SERIOUS, down-to-earth salt of the earth people I know. I believe them. How can I not? I've been warned by Sister Bernadette and Chris Kupris that Lydia, the first farmer's wife, inhabits the house and barn. She has appeared to them, only once in 50 years. Kim and Darryl didn't see anything, and didn't stick around long enough to look after she spoke to them. I was so thoroughly "spooked" myself when they told me, just to see the intensity in their eyes while they recounted the experience, that I felt the hair on my legs, arms and neck stand up. I know ghosts exist, and I believe that they contact certain people, for what reason I don't know. My brother Mark has been visited several times by the ghost of my Swedish grandmother, but not me. Maybe there are certain mindsets, or levels of sensitivity that receive encounters better than others. I'm alone so often here, and can't always get my chores done before dark. After we said our goodbyes last night, and my Canadian friends left, and Matt had gone to bed early, I confess I was extremely nervous about going into the barn. My friends had done all the chores, but the White Boys needed to be fed and I am not one to abandon my hungry dogs. I had one eye over my shoulder and moved very quickly. No Lydia! I think she was saying hello to Kim and Darryl and welcoming them to the farm. I think Lydia is happy that her barn is full of animals and brimming with life. Sister Bernadette tells me that years ago, when a hired man was smoking in the barn, Lydia appeared and scared him off. I like that...and if you can't believe a nun, who can you believe?

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Four Owls Farm said...

Poor Lydia, she sounds cheery though and obviously took a shine to Kim and Darryl. I think it's just further testament to what fine friends they truly are...harmony and kindness must have attracted her.