Monday, September 21, 2009

Yin and Yang of Fingerlakes

I thought I would start with Friday night of my Fingerlakes weekend, which was yin (dark and negative) with a tinge of yang (bright and positive.) I had spent valuable packing time the night before making my One Last Bag. I've gotten into the habit of making a last minute bag and betting myself that it will or won't sell. Trouble is, I didn't pack properly and forgot some things I would regret - like sweaters, warm socks, fleece pants, camera battery still in the charger, etc. But that comes later. Since I was leaving from work in Norwich I got directions from various people. The one I should have listened to was from a student who said you should go home and get up to the Thruway in Utica. Instead I pulled my trailer through the middle kingdome of New York State, beautiful enough, but lost so much time searching for this turn and that, and getting caught in construction on route 81 going into Syracuse. Then the thruway was being torn up here and there, and the toll section on my exit was also under construction. It was dark and I was two hours behind schedule when I found myself covering miles and miles of unfamiliar ground. My cell phone had been dying a slow death and went kaput before the trip. The battery was ordered but had not come, so no phone calls could be made. I dispaired of getting to Hemlock Friday night at all when I spied a light in the distance - a little gas station was open! I pulled up and a woman was putting gas in her tank. It was a scene right out of Hollywood. I heard her say in a cheery voice - Sure I know where it is...follow me and I'll take you there! We pulled out and must have gone another 20 miles when she pointed and waved to the entrance to the fairgrounds. I swear she was a real angel! The ag building where I have my space was lit and open - a welcome sight after my ordeal. I pulled up and started unloading. The trip was five hours instead of the three anticipated. The agitation and worry started wearing off and fatigue set in. I knew I had to keep going or I wouldn't have time to finish in the morning. Fortunately, Robin Nistock, a local shepherd was still working and we kept each other a kind of company. The ladies came to lock up my building and decided to show me how to lock up. Did I say how nice these Western New York people are? It was after twelve when I crawled into the back of the pick up and rolled myself up in a down comforter. The temp was dropping and it got real cold. Must have been below 30, as frost was forming. I was too tired to notice and slept like a log for all of six hours. That was better than the four I got the night before. I was proud of myself for getting my booth, an epic production, together and everything out and priced, ready to open. Saturday is the big day of any festival weekend. It was to be a good one.

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