Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is It Time for Bed Yet?

I had to run some errands after school today. I needed grapefruit seed extract and vitamin e for my hand creme, and labels for the jar tops. With my new job I make sure everything for the next day is in place, and tomorrow my aide will run the class. I took a personal day to resolve the car thing and get ready for the Southern Adirondack Festival. I am buying that little old mini-van but I don't see how I can get it registered before I leave tomorrow. So I have to go with Matt to Syracuse so he can pick up the NYSWDA mobile and bring it home. That way I will have the F150 to go to work on Monday and he will take the company van to NYC where he is teaching. OH, if that poor deer only knew how she screwed up my life. As soon as I can I will work on having a spare vehicle for times like this. The rental place will get more than half my pay-check tomorrow. Bummer. Matt is very happy...NY State paid $8,000 for him to do a four day prep course, and paid the $700 exam fee for him to qualify to be a Lead Safe Supervisor. He passed with a good score and he very proud of himself. He always comes out smelling like a rose. Aunt Candace is farm sitting. I don't know how to tell Izzy Mommy is going away again. The festival is only three hours away, and I will rush home as quickly as I can on Sunday. I'm tired now at 11 pm and still have to go out into the barn and feed my bunnies and chickens. I made creme from 8 to 10:30 and now I'm bushed. Turned out fabulous. I don't measure, unlike my soapmaking, which is very precise. Getting set up is a big deal, and melting the beeswax and carefully pouring in a little of this and that takes time. Filling the jars is tricky. People don't like air pockets, thinking they are being shorted, so I have to mash it in. The weather promises to be good this weekend, always a plus. This is a new festival so I don't know what the turn out will be. I like getting in on the ground floor in case the festival is successful and vendors will be scrambling to get in. Farmers around here are scrambling to get the last bales of hay in before we totally lose the weather. The pokeberries are ripe. Wish I had time to pick a few and do some dyeing. The birds will get them first, most likely.

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