Monday, September 21, 2009

Very Much Yin

Some things I loved about Saturday at Fingerlakes..

Waking up in the truck, where I fit just right stretched across the back seat of the cab, and having complete privacy with the frost covering the windows. I didn't need to go to the ladies room to get dressed.

Finding Candace's little red car with a lovely tent set up right next to it. I had hoped to find her but was too busy/tired setting up the night before. Then she popped out and we sat at a picnic table watching the fairgrounds wake up and chatted. She had been in the exhibition hall until the wee hours with Lisa Merian, helping her judge fleeces. She would help me off and on all day Saturday and we would sleep in her tent that night.

Eating dinner with my fiber-idol, Dianne Edwards of Sweet Annie's Handspun. When I get my pictures back from Candace you will see the gorgeous work this woman does. I asked her to join us for dinner and we heard more about her story. I purchased a little purse from Diane that Mia took all over Europe as a money pouch. It's so beautiful I made a picture notecard out of it.

Finding Carol Crayonbox's booth before she arrived in the morning. I got to look over all her beautiful creations without her knowing it! I even picked out a bag for my "show present" to myself, and took in down and put a note on it, but she couldn't resist a cash sale and let another woman have it. I was kinda upset but she promised to make me another one. We trade wool for fabric all the time and she brought me some really hot stuff so I couldn't be too mad.

Watching the ladies try my hand creme and hand over those $5 bills for the two ounce jar. They loved it. I found some creme at another booth and it was awful compared to mine.

Being greeted by blog readers who come up to me with big smiles on their faces because they are putting a face with all the stories they've read. They have me at a distince disadvantage since they know all about me and I know nothing about them. One lady is praying for me (thanks, I need all the help I can get) and another says she starts her day with and my post. I couldn't help but ask one, Do you thing I'm too personal on my blog? She said, well, you haven't made me blush yet! I guess that's good enough for me. I explained I'm alone on the farm so much and I need someone to talk to, so I just talk to the whole world! Trouble is, so few talk back!

So many memories of the weekend just slip by and get lost in the stress and frustration of coming home and going back to work. I'll try to get more written down before they are gone, gone, gone and lost to follow up.

I love the validation of what I do, since I am killing myself to do it. Mia said, Mommy I'm going to sell your blog when you die. That might be sooner than later. She should title it, "Descent Into Madness." Sunday of Fingerlakes is coming up. It's a bit more yang than yin but must be documented for future psych majors.


Henya said...

All this is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

miaaviva said...

mommie.. i don't like your last comment. i love you. you are amazing.