Monday, September 28, 2009

Chasing Rainbows

When I let the sheep out to graze after work the sky was clear with a few clouds scattered here and there. A storm blew in from the west and brought the rain. It was wild, standing on my great hill with brilliant blue on one side of me and black, angry weather behind me. I was taking a look at my lower pond, nestled in a lovely spot, completely private, under the ridge. Someday I plan on building a little guest cabin there, next to the apple orchard. Trouble is, the pond failed to hold much water, and is a big puddle now. One entire side of the bank is missing. I will ask Mr. Maine, my Brookfield neighbor who put in my septic tank, to fix it someday. I made it back down the hill with the dogs before the heavy rain came and watched from the hay mow (miss Hannah and Luke!) as most of the sheep continued to graze. Some ran in and I threw them some bales. I played with them a while then went about my chores. Matt is in the South Bronx, teaching a workshop on the Health and Safety of the Weatherization Worker. He planned on attending church tonight with AJ at St. Vladimir's for the evening vespers. Chores take me forever, as I like to take my time. Now I want to sew, as Rhinebeck is looming, but I'm so tired I don't think I will. I climbed back up the hill to get the sheep in but every time Izzy and I tried to collect them, they scattered in all directions. I can't go to bed without them in, so I'll go out and try again. The waxing moon will give me some light. I'd rather be chasing rainbows, the way I did earlier in the afternoon, when a nice one stretched over the ridge behind the barn. The sheep enjoyed it, too.

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