Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And So To Bed

I can't wait to feel the sheets. Left the house at 7 something and got home at nine. We are required to stay late after school until 9 for Open House. I brought my Singer Featherweight and some cut out bags in and got three of them almost done. I only had one former student come in my room - Randy Dungey and his parents. It was a lovely visit and Randy promised to come back and help me on the farm again. I went back to sewing in my very well-lit room. Drove home in the rain to find my poor doggies howling and yelping with joy to see me and cats tripping me up for food. Only one bag of fiber shredded and a precious Louet bobbin on the sofa but not chewed up. I wish I could have kept them outside longer but I had over an hour of chores ahead of me. Missed most of Jay Leno. Had to turn the heat on - cold and damp. I cooked some corn on the cob for me and my last piggie meat for the doggies. Now they forgive me. Same deal tomorrow night - can't leave until 8. Yikes, two nights in a row??? Better bring more sewing.

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