Monday, September 14, 2009

Still High

While I was getting ready to drag my weary behind out of school, the custodian cleaning my wing stopped me. He said he was so surprised and happy to see my booth at Colorscape and what I do with "the lambs and the wool." He wanted to say hello and introduce his wife and kids to me but the booth was too crowded. He said it's amazing how people have a whole other side to them that you never know about. I was so touched and happy that he said those kind things to me I thought it might all be worth it. In the meantime, another teacher must have been happy today. A local retired home economics teacher won Best Booth for her machine felting display at Colorscape. What she does is totally different from what I do, with the sheep outside my apartment door and the poop on the bottom of my shoes. She doesn't know where her wool comes from, but she knows how to work Photo Shop to make beautiful banners to hang in her booth, and she can stay home during the day and work on her little felting machine. That's okay. I like what I do, it's messy and wild and wonderful.


miaaviva said...

you are amazing!

Henya said...

Would you realy want it any other way?