Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Old Wheels

The white '01 Pathfinder I was lusting after was sold when I went to check after work today. The buyer paid $8,200 for it with a rusty bottom. Good luck. I went to check in the Ford Windstar again and the owner told me he couldn't possibly have it ready for sale in the next couple of weeks. He's swamped with work and the Ford needs a lot of things done to pass inspection. What about the Chevy I asked? Same thing. I rode down the road a bit and came to Tommy Rood's auto at the corner of Button Road. I bought a 99 Dodge Caravan with 100 K on it. No rust, new tires, everything works and it comes with an inspection sticker. It has a gray replacement hood due to a deer hit - here we go again - but I will ask the BOCES auto body boys to paint it. I had to have something right away. Friday when I drop off the rental I have to give them a week's salary. Ouch. I can put my whole sheep show set up in this mini-van, sleep in it, and even haul sheep if I have to. I couldn't put sheep in a brand new Land Rover. On a happy is going really well. I'm almost afraid to speak about it for fear of jinxing it. I over-plan and keep them working, and I teach them something every day instead of letting them work on their own all the time. Sure we have our problems and "moments" but they are a much easier group than I anticipated. Some of their stories are just so heartbreaking and sad. I let them make coffee and hot-chocolate, and, after they work for a couple of hours straight I let them throw the football back and forth across the room (shoosh, don't tell my supervisor!!)

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AD said...

Hi Maggie
Happy to hear school is going so well for you (knock on wood). I' right there with you on the car situation.....we opted to put the money up to fix the subaru to try to get one more winter out of it.... only to have the repair job not have repaired a thing.........