Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Box O' Goodies

As I dragged my weary behind up the milk room steps with a bag of cat food, kitties clamoring all around me, I spied a UPS box. Oh, yay, do I love a surprise box that I didn't order myself! What could it be??? I tore it open then and there. It was full of gift wrapped packages with pink bows. My darling Mia sent me a pair of Dansko clogs (just in the nick of time - I was getting desperate!), Starbucks coffee, biscotti and homemade banana-nut bread to go with the coffee, pot-pourri (always appreciated in a barn apartment), and a new cell phone!! Hurray!! The phone she bought me two years ago when I was about to travel home from New Jersey in an ice storm is kaput. No car, no cell phone, I was feeling a little, well, shaky I guess...but I'm happy now. What a thrill, and what a joy to have such a daughter. I will see her in two weeks when she comes to babysit so I can go to Rhinebeck. I very excited. Now to get through this week...taking it one day at a time.

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