Sunday, May 16, 2010

Morning on the Farm

If I could do this more often I might not appreciate it as much. Cool bright and sunny outside, warm and cozy inside with candles and my spinning wheel. Sleepy doggies with warm ears and cold noses stacked up against me. Kitties wrapped around my neck. I don't dare move except for my feet on the treadles and my hands on the wool. Spinning is so wonderful. The yarn slipping through my fingers and the cherry wheel going round and round. I love wool. I just love it. I can see the sheep who gave me this gift outside my barn apartment window. I'm spinning some bright yellow BFL which I will ply with some bright blue to make a cute tweed yarn. I think it would make a lovely kiddie sweater if I ever need it. I was just telling somebody yesterday that wool never goes bad. Yarn in the bank is a good thing. I think I might have Matt Redmond talked into making me an omelette. We were married about ten years before he confessed he could make an omelette. Matt and cooking equals not happy together. Once in a while, when the alignment of the planets is just right, I can persuade him to make an omelette. It won't include washing up afterwards, as that would be way too much like woman's work. Funny I do a whole lot of man's work, but then women are that way. They do what they have to do to keep the place going.


Henya said...

This yarn is beutiful! I love the colors. This yellow is perfect for kids.
DH will also cook, albeit reluctantly. Not for himself, but for me. I take it as an expression of love. In our case it is scrambled eggs. I can not master this very "American" food. But I love them. So when I am sick, or very sad or very, very pregnant he makes them for me. And he too does not do dishes. Does not notice them.

Maggie's Farm said...

I agree Henya, husbands cooking is definitely an expression of love!! That's a lovely way to put it!