Friday, May 28, 2010

Fieldstone Quilt Fabric Adventure

We thought it would be nice to go out to lunch today, as several of our sending districts had the day off, but we decided to take our one student and do something special. I've wanted to visit the Fieldstone Fabric place in Sydney Center for the four years I've lived here but it never happened. Robin, Miss Melly and I snagged a BOCES van and took Santana to Fieldstone. It's a bit of a hike, about 40 miles, but so worth it. You drive up this little overgrown lane and there it is, a modest house in the country...until you go inside. I was quickly overwhelmed to the point of swooning. They have 18 THOUSAND bolts of quilt fabric! I mean, really nice stuff! It was sensory overload for me, and wide-eyed wonder for Santana, Robin and Miss Melly. I found what I was looking for - a starter baseline fabric for Mia's wedding quilt. It's a moose batik with coyotes howling at the moon. So perfect for my hiker/camper Mia who is always searching for the elusive moose in the woods. We tore ourselves away from Fieldstone and wandered down route 88 to Frog Pond Farm. Melanie and Robin went wild buying all the little garden plants they need for putting in this long holiday weekend. Santana quickly fell in love with the ducklings and guess who sent her home on the bus with two adorable Blue Swedes? Yep, I did it. She has a pond and is sure her parents will be okay with it. I'll take them just in case they are not happy with the teacher sending ducks home with their daughter. I bought three Buff Orphington pullets and two Silver Laced Wyandottes, two breeds I had when I first started in chickens, and good egg layers. We polished off our fabulous day with late lunch at Bohemian Moon in Norwich - ohhh, so delicious. Everybody went home happy. Now Holly has chicks in the bathroom again. I let the hungry sheep out to graze then took the doggies up to the pond just now, but Holly wanted to come back inside and check on her new chicks. It's the little things...

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