Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winter is Back

Drove to work in heavy snow but it didn't stick for too long. It's just cold and windy now. I stopped on the way home and bought Matt a pair of summer weight Carhardtt work pants and a pair of boot socks at the feed store. I got gas and there was Shepherd Mary on the other side of the pump. We had a good conversation about getting sheep to eat thistles, then I headed over to the little market to get Matt some birthday cake. I asked him what he wants for his birthday dinner and he said "bacon, eggs over easy and whole wheat bread." Very manageable. Back at the farm the doggies had gotten into some mail and it was shredded all over the ice cold apartment. Got them walked then set about getting the fire going. Not so easy when the stove and pipe outside is freezing. It's been a half an hour and the fire's gone out three times. Matt told me to open the window a crack and the draw will be better. It seems foolish to let the cold wind in to get the fire going, but I did it, and the fire still went out. Oh, well, better get the pants wrapped and get back to the fire. I called a taxidermy man in West Edmeston about getting Horatio mounted and he wants $400. Half down then I wait 8 months. Can you imagine? He has more work than he can handle. I should tell my BOCES students to go into that field. I can't manage to do stuff like that and pay for hay, too. Another load coming on Saturday. So many hungry mouths to feed. I can't bear to put those beautiful horns on the dead pile. Life on the farm is tough.


Cornerstone Fibres said...

Save the horns and let them dry out -then make a special horn for Christmas to drink from :)
Just a thought -or mount them to the barn.

Maggie's Farm said...

Thanks, good idea. Mary also told me to cut his head off and put it on a stake for the birds and bugs to clean it off. Makes sense but easier said than done!! We'll see!