Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Oh, So Cold

Still cold and windy. Will go down to zero F. tonight for sure. I think this last batch of wood was green. It doesn't split right and is horrible to get started. I hope the people at shows this season don't mind the smell of smoke on their bags and fiber. Very country...

My observation went well today - Global Regents prep. Two of the three girls in the class were absent. Poor kid, she was on the hot seat the whole period. She was terrific and really came through for me - very responsive and attentive. My boss is incredibly knowledgeable having taught every subject at one time and has many years in the trenches. I really respect her intellect and experience. She said I gave the kid a lot of good information and gave me some good tips on organizing review questions. Whew - double whew! Long meeting after work. I am lucky to work with such a good group. We all agreed we are on the downhill slope of this school year.

A little female dog has been hanging around the White Boys. She has a collar and license on but I can't get close enough to her to look at it. Matt found her locked in with Finn this morning. Don't know where she lives but her owner will likely have a surprise about two months from now...fluffy white puppies that bark a lot at night. Poor little doggie.

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