Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rainy Winter's Night

The moon was shining in my bedroom window for the last few nights, but I won't see it tonight with all this rain. It started as I left school for Louis Gale's feed mill in Waterville. I didn't make it there on Sat. with the Farmer's Market, and ran out of corn yesterday. I give the lambs and moms corn, along with my ram Wooster, who had grown terribly thin with the last hay I was buying. Chris, my llama, wiggles into the short end of the barn to get his corn treat every night, difficult for him with his bum leg. I couldn't not have any corn for him. Soooo I set out north on route 12 after work today. It was an extra 15 miles but I got the goods. Matt is off in Poughkeepsie doing lead-safe weatherization training. There's no way I could get 5 hundred pound sacks up the steps into the milk room, but I got one inside and that was enough. It took me from 8:30 to 10:15 to do chores. You know how I love the pitch black hay mow with wind and rain making it even more spooky. But I was a big girl and got up there to sling bales. I even wandered around a bit. Lydia hasn't showed herself to me yet, but it could happen any time. Toting water is much of it, and I'll be glad when I can hook up a longer hose that won't freeze. I play music while I'm out there and do enjoy being with the critters. Izzy keeps me company, too. Once in a while I hear a squeal and know that he came too close to somebody and they whacked him with horns or a head butt. Came back inside the apt. and it was filled with black smoke. Wonderful. I had to have a fire. Luckily the White Boys, who get off their lines every night for a run, came right back for their dinner and didn't give me a hard time waiting for them. I did some sewing before dinner and am still sewing now. I'll try to do another half hour or so then hit the sack. Sweet dreams. Poor, beautiful Natasha Richardson is dead. I just got Widow's Peak with her in it from Net Flix and had it on while I was sewing. She's just gorgeous and now she's gone. All the wild skiing I did years ago, can't believe I never got seriously hurt. My broken bones came from stupid accidents like colliding with a Golden Retriever or forgetting there's a step down there. Mia wears a helmet when she skiis...thank Goodness.

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