Sunday, March 15, 2009

Balmy Sunday

Sunny cold and clear. I woke up thinking I had to go to work today, then realized it's Sunday. What a treat to lie back down and let my mind wander. Some friends are spinning at the Earlville Opera House today, and I would love to go, but I can't. The Farmer's Market yesterday, and eating out with Candace, was my treat for the weekend. I have to tidy up the apartment and work on product today. I got some good news yesterday, Candace and Susan Carr are coming to Maryland. They are wonderfully supportive fiber friends and they want to come and help any vendor who needs a hand, any way they can. With Carol Crayon Box, Kimmie Cornerstone, and now Candace and Susan on board, I could be struck by lightning in the parking lot and these talented capable ladies could run the show without me. So all I need to do is make a whole lot of beautiful, fabulous things to sell and there will be harmony in my universe...I hope.

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