Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ahh, the Weekend

Oh, it's grand! I slept until 8:15 today! It's a miracle. My internal alarm usually jolts me at 6 or 6:30. I worked hard yesterday, completing four bags and picking/dyeing half of a huge Andrew black/brown fleece. The weather was glorious and I worked on my big rack outside. The temp soared up to the 70's (bikini weather in CNY) and the sun was so strong I pulled my rack into the shade of the giant silo. Several kitties joined me as I worked. I'm never alone around here. I dyed it teal green, which came out just gorgeous over the dark wool. This fleece had been in the tractor shed as long as I can remember and has Mia's writing on it. I think she last helped with shearing before I bought this farm, so it must be years old. There were no bugs at all, just hay and burdock. I think I will have at least six colorways for people to chose from this season. I love having lots of roving for sale or barter. I will store it in the big grain room which is fairly airtight and draft free. The lavender soap I put in the bags helps discourage buggies. I made two messenger bags out of the bright orange/white tropical fabric from Freeville where Carol Crayonbox lives. Oh, they're so cute. Mia suggested the messenger style for that fabric and it's adorable and very eye catching. If I can draw people in with beautiful colors, then get them to open a bag and look inside, I usually hear "Oh, wow!"

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