Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning

I'm awake and moving. I love to look at the bags I made the day before, like playing with toys. Out of cat food so I put a pot of water on for oatmeal. The kitties will not be happy, even though I put lots of butter and milk in it. It's a treat for me, though, as I usually wait until I get to the school to eat breakfast. I have first period cafeteria duty where I sit in a fog until the kids come in. Our kids get there later as most go to their home schools first then catch a bus to our alternative. It may be alternative, but our kids still have to pass the dreaded NY Regents - a killer. It rained last night, real hard, the first time this spring. The rain makes a cool sound on the metal roof of the barn. I'm excited to think about the big room we're going to put upstairs in the empty hay mow someday. It will be 20 by 40 feet with a high ceiling. Maggie's play room. Matt says I'm crazy and that it will cost a fortune to heat. That's okay, I will just work harder, and wear sweaters. I am in the wool business after all. I've never had a dedicated sewing room in my life. Not ever. I sew in the living room now, on an old machine that makes so much noise parts of the TV dialogue get drowned out. You can imagine the annoyance when someone is trying to watch a movie or the news. And then there's the mess, rolls and piles and pieces of fabric everywhere. "The Creative Mind is Seldom a Tidy Place." I'm going to love my own room, and won't the sound of the rain be nice when I'm right under the metal roof! I'll get my beautiful Asian carpet, which has been lying rolled up in the tractor shed for three years, cleaned and spread it out on the lovely pine floor. I'll do my yoga exercises on it while playing New Age music and gazing out over the fields with my sheep grazing. Fantasies are free, right? And this fantasy is not too long as I keep working my tail off.


Henya said...

May you be blessed with the room you want. Meanwhile I totally love the room in the picture.


Maggie -- the picture of your booth is lovely. Just keep plugging away -- the dream of a "room of one's own" can become a reality. Reading your daily blog makes me think you have the fortitude to get there.

Gretchen said...

dude. Thanks for the pumpkin was delicious! and a fabulous surprise. You're so good to me, Maggie!