Thursday, March 12, 2009


There was something on the news about the Octomommy buying a house for her 14 little ones with money she made from selling pictures of the newborns. Neighbors on the new street are complaining about her moving in. People are dissing her right and left. Legislators are proposing laws prohibiting the implantation of more than X number of embryos. You know, I wish people would mind their own business. Okay, the woman went off the deep end and the fertility clinic went right along with her, BUT the babies are here and they should not suffer for what their mother did. When you think of all the $$ that the US spends on warfare and GIVING away gazillions to countries for whatever reasons, I don't think another 8 souls is going to break the already broken banks. I wish I lived closer so I could lend a hand. Maybe I will send Nadya a box of soap. My advice to her (should she ask for advice - after all I gave birth to premature multiples) would be to take up with the Mormons, or the Amish, or convert to Orthodox Judaism and move to Brooklyn. Those groups have fantastic support networks and know how to take care of LARGE families and do it very well, with great success. Maybe she should start a TV reality show. I had an friend whose sister gave birth to triplets when she already had a two year old...then she had one more. I visited her and let me tell you, it was crazy. There was a big blackboard on the wall with all the babies names on it. You had to put a check next to the name when the kid was fed, so that one would not be fed twice while another went hungry. There were no lamps or end tables in the living room. Everything was bare bones. When the sun went down the house got dark naturally and we couldn't make a sound. Everyone tried to get the babies to sleep. After they went to bed the grownups rushed to bed to get some rest before the nightime feedings started. I can't imagine what Nadya Suleman is going through. BUT this is what she wanted and babies do come from heaven. I always wanted a big family but couldn't find a man who felt the same way. I guess she couldn't either so she went about getting what she wanted on her own. Men hardly want to commit nowadays, let alone take responsibility for big families. You go, girl!

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Henya said...

Way to go Maggie! Every day lots of women have unwanted children. Here this mother has gone, and got herself a whole bunch of wanted babies. Full power to her.