Monday, March 09, 2009

Larry, Lester and Levi

Larry, Lester and Levi are growing like crazy. OH, are they cute - and so big and strong. Remember, they were born on January 1 as I was sleeping off my return flight from San Jose, CA. I was frantic because Lilly had no colostrum and I gave them powdered stuff from the vet. The lack of mother's colostrum could still cause them to be more susceptible to certain illnesses...but you would never know by looking at them now. All three are Othello's lambs, I'm certain of that. They are growing Merino fleece instead of their mother's tiny BFL curls. Maybe they will grow long curly locks later, but right now Merino is what they have on their backs. Fine with me. I've decided to leave Larry intact, as he is all I have left of Lilly's offspring able to reproduce, and she is just sooooo wonderful. I was worried about her being so thin after lambing, but now she's fat and happy with minerals, good second cut hay and corn every day. Her back bone is no longer visible and she stopped losing wool. I have three Lilly fleeces somewhere and want to knit a Lilly sweater. Funny how some sheep loom large in my shepherd's memory, and others just fade into oblivion. I'm still mourning sheep I lost years ago.
There's a Sting concert on PBS now, and the songs are all fantastic. What a terrific band. It's good to see the old guys are still so cool. I had a talk with Mia tonight. Got her at a bad time. She sounds very stressed and I hate to hear her so strung out. Twelve hour shifts on that hospital ward could take the spark out of anybody. Cold and windy tonight, but no more rain. Winter should be back this weekend.

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Cornerstone Fibres said...

They are gorgeous boys aren't they :)
I'll bet the fleece type will be very nice and soft with that combination. Hope your boy stays as nice and dark as his daddy is.