Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New Drama

After the lovely "high" of yesterday when I had a good day at school there was new drama today. It just couldn't last. I think sometimes that the stress of the job and the farm is too much together. Sometimes I feel a quiet desperation I can't do anything about. I don't drink (much) or smoke so what else to do but eat naughty things, like candy, cookies and just plain anything I can get my hands on. Have to stop that because spring will be here and the kids will want to climb the hill straight up to the pond behind the school and I'm too proud to hang back, gasping for breath. I'll hang on until the next vacation, in April, when I am sure I will wrapping soap 24/7 and sewing knitter's totes at the same time. There is comfort in familiar tasks. The sheep always bring me back to a good place. They have a quiet dignity and serenity. I love to lean on the stanchions in the barn and watch them chew their cud. They look at me and seem completely comfortable with me. Only two of them come to me for affection, Lilly and her son, Denzel. That's okay. We can admire each other from afar. The weather is warmer today and will be 50 by Friday they say. Would like to have the sheet of ice on the driveway melted.

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