Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Euphoria

Drove 100 miles today...45 to the Staff Development in Literacy I was required to attend at the sister BOCES campus in Walton, back to my school in Norwich to get some papers notarized by our school secretary, Michelle, then 25 miles home. I could kiss the ground. The weather is spectacular, with blue skies and puffy clouds and a gentle cool breeze blowing. Now I can sew and dye wool to my hearts content, along with all the other things I have to do to keep my home from sliding into complete chaos. At least I won't have to bomb out of here by 8 in the morning. The place where I spent the day wasn't too shabby. The sister BOCES was also completely done over courtesy of the taxpayers of the four counties that send kids to us. Teachers may be laying off all around us but BOCES is looking good. The high ceiling of the cafeteria, with windows all the way up, gave us a full view of the Catskills surrounding the school. I feel fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. It may be the poorest county in NY, but the natural beauty of the rolling hills with barns and silos nestled in the hollows is awe-inspiring. Vermont has nothing on Central New York. Two more weeks 'til spring vacation, then Maryland, then get ready for Hannah and Luke to come. Happy!!


Gretchen said...

I'm going to work on your handspun mittens this weekend. I think I can finally get my act together to wash the yarn...washing the part I like least! Argh.

Henya said...

I hear you. We spend over two years in Lewis county. It is very poor. But so beautiful. When we left my DS#1 was 4 years old. He knew we lived in America. But when we came to Brooklyn, he kept begging us to "go back to America". He just did not believe that Brooklyn was in the same country.

Annie said...

Hannah and Luke are both counting down the days...the days until school is out, and then the days until they get to go to Omi's farm. We're all saying TGIF today!