Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mattie

Matt will be 53 tomorrow. I came home from work tonight to find him very happy and quite pleased with himself. He had picked up the piggies from the abbatoir and stored all the various little packages in the old chest freezer in the tractor shed. I think he was salivating already. That freezer held many rolls of fabric I brought with me from NJ and I'm a bit concerned about how and where he stashed them...but coffee and dinner has to come first. We want the happy mood to continue through the birthday. I stopped and bought sauerkraut (and the NY Times) on the way home, in anticipation of cooking the first of the piggie packages. I'm handling it rather well considering this is the first time I ate meat from animals I raised since I was forced to eat my rabbits as a kid. Opening the door of my garage and finding all my bunnies with heads scattered about on newspapers and my father standing over them holding his WWII machete did not make for a good relationship with my daddy. Fortunately this pig experience was a bit more positive. I told Mia the piggies were coming home today and she said, in her tiny sweet voice, "Oh, Mommie, that's SO weird!!" Yes, it is. But this is the frontier and times are hard, and those pigs were soooo spoiled. Matt opened his package that arrived from Mia today - three plaid shirts that will fit in perfectly with the weatherization crowd, and a cute corduroy jacket. He was very pleased. Happy Birthday Mattie.


Cornerstone Fibres said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a great day!
Kim and crew

PS that is a GREAT shot of Matt the farmer :) Poster boy for Maggies Farm!

AD said...

Hi Maggie--
Thanks for checking in on me. All is well, just super busy. Hope you are doing good....happy bday to your hubbie!