Monday, March 02, 2009

Doggone Doggies

After dinner I washed every dish and pot (somehow I manage to dirty lots of each) to delay the appointment with Chris and his shots. When I could delay no longer I drew the two syringes full of steriod and wormer and headed back out to the barn with Matt. Chris had bedded down for the night and I thought momentarily that I should shoot him lying down. He jumped up when he saw us so that idea was dismissed. We got in his pen and after talking to him and stroking him for a while Matt gave him his bear hug and I leaned on him. I popped him twice, tossing the syringes away instead of taking the time to cap. It was smooth as could be. No stomping this time, even though the ivermectin stings like crazy. Good boy, Chris. No more steriods for now, just more ivermectin tomorrow and some fervent prayers. I headed back to the milk room to fill the stock tanks for the night. I hauled more water to Chris and the boys in the way back. They just can't seem to get enough water when it's this cold and there is no snow for them to eat. Matt went out to drive up and down the road, hoping to find Pip and Holly, who ran away together and were gone since 5. I was sure Pip was caught on a limb or rock with that long leash he was dragging, and that Holly was reluctant to leave him, or couldn't find her way home. I had been more than four hours! Just then I heard scratching on the milk room door and there was Holly, whining and yelping. I scolded and loved on her, then took her in the apt. to thaw out. On the way in I looked out the window to see Pip in the driveway, looking to get in the south side door. I got both dogs inside the apt, which is about 80 degrees by now from the wood stove. Matt pulled in and I was able to tell him the runaways were back. As for me, I am going to sit on the sofa and stare into the flames, looking for signs of the future.

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