Monday, March 16, 2009

Springy Monday

Overslept this morning leading to a frantic rush to fill stock tanks, throw hay, feed cats, walk dogs and get the heck outta here. The weather just got nicer and nicer today. Green spikes are coming up along the concrete foundation of the barn. Flies are buzzing and I found a ladybug in a bag of wool. I wonder if she had been hiding in there all winter. Her color was pale but she flew up and away. The sheep are spending more time out of the barn in the sunshine. They know it will be time to graze soon. Chris is doing well, but still has some paralysis in one hind leg. I hope it improves with time and more treatment. I had a nice cookie-baking session with a student today. We had not been getting along very well due to my refusal to let her use my computer inappropriately during our time together every day. It was "tough love" and a battle of wills. She told me I was "mean" and "BORING!" I told her I like being mean and boring. It suits me. Today I brought in the stuff to make peanut butter cookies. I have a brand new range in my classroom and I told my student we should get it dirty. We had a wonderful time. I don't know what she enjoyed more, making up our own recipe with PB, sugar,eggs and flour, or eating a couple pounds of grapes I brought in for my own snacking. She told me she doesn't get grapes at home very often. Tomorrow we'll make brownies. I don't know how often we can continue this as I have to sneak it some school work, but for now it's wonderful.


Gretchen said...

baking sounds like math to me...i'm glad you're having fun with her...she can be difficult.

Cornerstone Fibres said...

Glad to see the big guy up and around -he's such a wonderful guardian llama and fiber companion!
Sending up good thoughts and healing prayers for him.
Kim and crew