Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tough Going

I reached for a basket of wool yesterday and felt something funny going on in my back, like a glass vial breaking and pain spilling out. My own enemy, muscle spasm back pain came to say hello, I'm going to make you miserable this New Year. I'm pretty crippled, just when I need my body in top working shape. Even with Matt's kidney stone drugs I can't do too much. Fortunately, no lambs last night. I'm trying to lie low and wait for the spasm to subside. I was in a New Jersey ER with a morphine drip the last time this happened, seven years ago. I had just thought to myself what an absolutely divine Christmas and vacation this year, that something just had to happen to disrupt the positive force, and now this. Did I wish it on myself? If I prop Mia's duffle bag just right I can lower myself down on the sofa and spin wool. I know from the past it will take a few days to be right, just in time to go back to work. Matt started back yesterday and is so thrilled to be there he comes home in a happy mood. Lucky for me cause I have to ask him to do a million things. I was hoping to go to the Mountaintop Golf Course in Columbus, ten minutes away, tonight to hear Pamme Swan, my friend from the farmer's market, sing folk songs. Don't know if I'll make it. I'm knitting my third big lamb sweater with lots of tiny left over balls of yarn from years past. The stripes are real pretty. Gosh, I love my yarn.


Gretchen said...

Feel Better!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

OH NO!! Just what you need with cold weather and animals to take care of, try to take care of yourself Maggie, I know that is hard with all your animals, am sending you strength and healing vibes.