Sunday, December 27, 2009

Luna Rules the Roost

We let Lilly and Luna out of their pen yesterday. I was concerned that Lilly was too thin, as she is rather old to carry a lamb, and I kept her penned so I could build her up with corn and hay. I think she's fine, and I wanted Luna to be able to play with the other lambs. I can still give Lilly her apples and Luna her bottle while loose in the barn. Today, I saw Luna nursing from Joseph's generous mother. Clever girl - she saw the other lambs at the milk bar and decided to try it herself. Not all sheep will let lambs other than their own nurse from them. Some sneaky lambs go in from behind so the mother can't see who it is, hence the name "Sh--heads." Luna was right up front. I hope Mom has enough for Joseph, too. When I saw her vigorously going back and forth from teat to teat, Luna looked at me and ran over for her bottle. Talk about double dipping!

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Cornerstone Fibres said...

What a darling girl!!! so clever and smart :)
Congrats on the new arrival too - is Othello or Wooster the daddy?
So glad you were there for her arrival too -enjoy your holiday!!!
Kim and crew