Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quiet in the Barn

Chores done, in for the night, that is, until I do my late night barn check. I splurged and spent my gift certificates on two fabulous magazines, Selvedge and Haute Handbags, at B&N today. It was crowded with rather a festive atmosphere - people glad to get out of the house after the holiday, spend gift money and chat it up. I also found a half price Marc Chagall calender. He's been my favorite painter for years and years. I love all the farm animals in his paintings, representing his young life in the country, and the brides, representing the Sabbath. Chagall's chickens are quite primitive and charming. I was privileged to see the gorgeous Chagall windows in the Knesset, the government building in Israel. I was in a long line waiting to get in to see the giant stained glass windows when I was pulled out of the line and brought into a tent. A female Israeli soldier told me to stand on a box then she gave me a thorough pat-down, including a good squeeze of the twins. It happened so fast and I was in a bit of a state of shock so much that I don't remember the windows at all. I guess they thought I had explosives in my brassiere. That was many years ago. Now I settle for the Chagall calendar from B&N, but I have real chickens and lots of the farm animals he puts in his paintings.

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