Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ten Degrees

10 F. but feels colder. I gave the chickens a flat pan of warm water and they went nuts - like they had just been transported to Miami Beach, jumping in the water, drinking and splashing. I checked a while later and some were still standing in the water. I wiggled Mary Magdalene into a large lamb sweater, even though she looked fine in the cold. I am frantically knitting another large sweater, with 17 needles, which I don't really enjoy - broomsticks! I have to find someone with ferrets, or toy poodles to use my beautiful shrunken lamb sweaters from years past. I noticed the twin sister of Nicholas' mother, both daughters of my Myrna and Legolas, looking for a place to give birth. I recognize the look. Everyone else is lying down, resting and she's standing up, staring around into space. She's very puffy and bagged up, ready to go. Have to keep an eye on her. I ran a wash with hot water to keep the pipes open in the milk room, and filled up all the containers I could find with water in case the temp goes even lower and I have no water for the animals. I have my dye oven on, which is next to the faucets, to keep them from freezing. The milk room has all my pipes for the apartment water, and the room is not insulated. Another "project" looming for my funky old barn. I love the place but it needs so much, and I don't know if I'll live long enough to get it all done. Oh, well, it's the quest, the journey, that counts, right? Wish I had a way to take pictures. I have to take my new Nikon point and shoot camera, the one that will point but not shoot, back to WM. I put new batteries in it and heard a sizzling sound inside. Not good. What a piece of crap!

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