Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Today was hardly a working day at school. The kids watched Will Ferrell's ""Elf" movie while I baked them hot biscuits and popped corn. I put together all my little bags of soap and creme for my colleagues and secretaries. A steady snow was falling outside but I had to get to Tractor Supply, across Norwich in the wrong direction, for some last minute Christmas shopping, and then make my way home. The roads were covered but I followed a plow to New Berlin over the worst of the hills. Pulled in at dark and was real glad to be in for the night. Lots to do to get ready for the kids to come tomorrow, and take care of critters, too. Three lambs are in pens, requiring separate water buckets and feeding. I would like to make a communal mother and lamb area like I had last year. On the list of things to do over the week I am off. Am I really off for a week? Thank my lucky stars! I'm so excited about AJ and Mia coming. I'll clean and tidy up tomorrow morning, then they'll be here and we'll party down and bring in Christmas.

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