Friday, December 25, 2009

Bye Bye Christmas

It's 11 PM and Christmas is slipping by fast. We had turkey dinner revisited, then went out to do chores in the barn. Mia is such a big help. AJ came out every few minutes to say hello and give us a pep talk. We watched The Nativity Story (AJ saw a director's showing in Hollywood before it came out) then Elf, drinking more egg nog with whiskey and nibbling on Swedish ginger cookies. Mia and I are still wearing the matching jammies we had on last night. I tried out my niftiest gift - a pair of heavy duty fleece ski pants - while working in the barn. They are fantastically warm and fit great, with zipper pockets, velcro ankles, and an elastic waist band. No new lambs tonight. Mia and AJ are going back to NJ tomorrow. I knew I couldn't keep them very long. I'll be on lamb watch, sewing the rest of Mia's curtains, spinning wool, doing chores put off for two long, and enjoying the aftermath of Christmas, '09.

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