Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stuck in the Mud

Rosanna, a colleague from school and neighbor from across the creek, and her husband, Steve, surprised me with a load of wood today. Wish I hadn't asked them to drive around to the north side of the barn where I could stack it for easy access. Steve's truck was soon stuck in the mud. The fact that it had just rained for two hours didn't help the slick incline. Took an hour or so for another neighbor to come with a tractor to pull him out. I should have known better as the last time wood was delivered the same thing happened. Oh, well, we'll just have to truck the wood up to the barn as it is now next to the driveway by the pole barn. Good to have both hay and firewood coming in. The yearling doe who I found hanging by her foot from the fence panel is not doing very well. Won't stand up and I'm feeding and watering by hand. Thought I should cut off the gorgeous, four inch long mohair - just in case - and found a hefty set of balls underneath. Thank goodness, he's a he not a she. I know that's awful, but, in the livestock world, girls rule and boys are just "extra." I've been dyeing fiber every night in an effort to get another run out to the carding mill so they can bring it to me at Rhinebeck in two weeks. I'm low on dyes but picked up some Cushing's from Heather at Dreamweaver. I used to use it exclusively until Donna Carlstrom from the Sheep Shed got me started on Jacquard. I buy J. by the pound from Dharma and it felt funny using those tiny Cushing's envelopes. Does a nice job. Today I was working on Jim Baldwin's LUSCIOUS Merino lamb's wool. Oh, that Merino is so nice. I have a big pot of last year's roosters simmering on the stove for stock. I turned off the tractor shed freezer to save electricity and had to do something with the birds. The broth is divine and the rooster meat I tasted might not all go to the cats as it is rather tasty. Not nearly as rubbery as I thought. A lot to do tonight, and not enough time to do it. I took my three students to the market today, along with Mr. Potter and Mrs. Price. It was a fantastic field trip. The kids were great. Going out with them is a good bonding experience and I plan to do it often. I have the blessing of my C/O and can drive the school van as I peed in a cup and passed the test!

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