Saturday, September 03, 2011

Market Day

Hot and humid in Hamilton but it didn't deter the crowds. I had the best market day in weeks. Not a single bag sold, and I had some lovely new ones out, but other things went. People were enthralled with the handspun yarn and I sold two skeins, along with two pounds of Mother Fiber roving. The customers didn't spin or knit, but wanted to have it, to give to other people who do. What a thrill. One woman from Virginia went through every one pound ball, spread out on the grass, having so much fun trying to decide which color combination she liked best - then she bought the skein of hand spun of the same fiber. I went all summer without selling a farm photo notecard, then today sold 35! Go figure! People were sneaking candid photographs of me spinning, from behind or from the side, as if I might mind the intrusion. I forget how unique it is sometime. Taking down was hot and sweaty work. My veggie-man friend, Ron, sent me home with a big box of fresh strawberries and other goodies including some limes. Wish I remembered to pick up some quinine water. I would have made myself a drinky-poo with the GALLON of Svedka vodka I recently found, and lots of lime juice. Would have been lovely after the walk I had tonight with the doggies. The nap I took this afternoon, so wonderfully refreshing, put me behind on chores. I always take the dogs up the hill before I get to work in the barn, and tonight it was dark with only a pink glow over the western hills. The waxing crescent moon had a bright aura around it, perking up the night sky in a magical way. I lingered in the upper field, listening to the frogs, then ventured down to get to work. I'll be sewing tonight, and working on product the rest of the weekend. I have to keep my wits about myself this month.


Cornerstone Fibres said...

AWESOME!!!! Glad you had great weekend :)
Kim and the crew
stuck at work again

Maggie's Farm said...

Ah, Tulip, if only you could spin at work. I remember that woman who picked up two of your skeins and plunked down $150 without blinking an eye. You are some kind of spinner!

Cornerstone Fibres said...

Not allowed to spin but I do a fair amount of knitting here :)
I love spinning though -especially Maggie's mother fibre which is what the lady wanted!