Saturday, September 10, 2011


Heavy rain on already saturated ground caused massive flooding in our area and south of here. The Unadilla River, which I follow into New Berlin every day as I travel to work, flows into the Susquehanna, which flows south into the Delaware and Passaic Rivers. Binghamton, northern Pa. and New Jersey are under water - again. My school was closed for two days as most of the sending districts were crippled by flooded roads. My rocky hillside had some little streams of water running down, and some new bubbling springs popped up. The pond was running over. My barn, up on a cinder block foundation, remained high and dry as the water ran off the hill to Beaver Creek across the road. Flooding has played a major role in my life in recent years. I was underwater three times in a year and a half while living on the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pa., when the water reached 30 feet over flood stage. I was cut off from my sheep, and had to travel an extra 15 miles to find a bridge to get over to NJ and get to my high school in Glen Gardner. I bought this farm on a hill to avoid a situation like that again and it looks like it was a good choice.

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WOW look at how green it all is -sheep must be happy with that!
Kim and the crew